About Us

Unique Experience, Unique Results from a Woman-Owned Business


After several years of working as an environmental chemist and five years as an occupational safety professional in the pharmaceutical and construction industries, Shari Langlois shifted direction into the field of vocational and medical case management for injured workers.  This experience redefined her approach to safety and health management.  Having gained understanding from all sides of the injury and recovery equation, Shari went on to enjoy supporting the design and redesign of health and safety programs in manufacturing and construction companies while celebrating plummeting injury rates and insurance claims costs with teams at each of the locations where she worked.  

Ms. Langlois acquired her Bachelor of Science in Nursing while working with faculty, staff and student populations at the University of Vermont as well as growing the campus Construction Safety Management Program.  Having just completed two years of health and safety consultation services and nurse case management services with manufacturing and construction clients that celebrated deep reductions in injury rates and claims costs, Shari is excited to launch a new chapter of her career as a business owner working with teams in general industry and the construction industry to lead and support a clear path to success in achieving each company's vision for a safe, healthy, cost-effective workplace in which you and your employees take pride.

Call today so we can begin taking steps toward growing a culture of safety, health and wellness in your small or large company while meeting regulatory requirements, minimizing injuries and lost work days, and putting you on a solid, cost-effective track to clearly seeing success in your company's health and safety management.

ONE Approach


One Neat Experience...Collaborative, supportive, motivational, inspirational...and, FUN!  This photo snapped quite some while ago at a workplace where we had fun being compliant, creative & cost-effective.  I love to encourage people to get excited about acting in their own best interest...with that foundation and all the health and safety guidance specific to individuals & their workplace, WE CAN have a great time learning to be healthier, safer and more successful on every level of our life & our business!!

Why Us?


Why your business?  Why my business??  You'll have to tell me about your business & I can't wait to hear about it!  Why my business?  Well, where else will you find a biologist/chemist/scientist, occupational safety & health specialist of over 25 years, workers' comp claims coordinator of nearly 20 years with over 10 years of loss prevention and risk management experience that is a registered nurse and case manager with a specialty in behavior change and psychiatry??  It only takes 21-days to break an old habit and form a new one...thing is, you need to know how to make those days happen.  Do you?  I do.  Let's learn from each other about our businesses.  Let's do this together.